Johnny Lightning
Speed Racer Mach 5
• Casting #517 • Year Introduced: 2000 •

Speed Racer First Shots - nv

Speed Racer First Shots - nv

Speed Racer 2000 - wl, rv

JL Direct - nv

Dioramas Release 3 - nv

Die-Cast Model Kits Release 1 - nv

Speed Racer Release 1 - wl

Speed Racer
Dioramas 2020 Release 4 - wl

Speed Racer
2020 MiJo Exclusive - wl

Pop Culture 2021 Release 2
Speed Racer - wl

Speed Racer
2022 MiJo Exclusive - wl

nv = no variations
rv = race version released
wl = white lightning version released

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