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In continued support of LightningFest, Mini-Motorsonline supplied another accessories casting for the 2003 Fest.

Made to coincide with the Bat Theme for the 2003 FEST, this sleek jetski with bat wings was added to the dinner bag.

The casting was painted a flat black with a Neon Orange stripe along all the forward edging.


Stats for the 2003 Lightning Fest Batski
How many made Total 160

10 Prototypes - were painted 5 black and 5 WL and boxed one of each color in a Oak box with a FEST medallion from that year which was also cast by MiniMotorsonline.com. These sets were given to Fest Sponsors.

127 Dinner giveaways - only 2 of these in WL white paint.

7 retained as samples

23 destroyed after the dinner - random numbers as they were not given out at the dinner.



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