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The 1965 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback was chosen as the 2006 Lightning Fest Charity Car. Money raised by the sale of the car along with other events for raising money went to the AADWC charity.

These Mustangs were sold in pairs with matching serial numbers, one with a black stripe and one with a white stripe. A special black with flames version was also available and white tired version was available as well.


Rob McIntosh – Mac’s Toy Cars
Rick Adams – Lightning Lane
Mike Groothuis – Mike Groothuis Designs
Jeff Penny – Cool Collectibles
Kenny Terry – KK
Ted Burch – Burch Eng.
Andrew Collins – Dr Deal
Ron Zawistowski – lady on a horse
Bobby Williams – HobbyTalk
Ron Wenger – Play Like A Champion
Nick Shonsky – Two headed bird
Russ Milezone – Milezone’s
Jeff McGlocklin – JLM
Mark Hosaflook – no logo 

Signatures on the roof

Driver - Ellen Aeschleman, ADDWC contest winner
Mechanic - Bob Brewer, HobbyTalk high auction bid.


How many made?
Red Mustang/white stripes 190
Red Mustang/black stripes 190
Red Mustang/Chase car version 50
Double Secret Probation Black/Flames version 96
Variations As noted
Packaging Clear Plastic Box and certificate
Numbered Only on the Package.



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