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Beginning the Summer 2005, the members of hobbytalk/Johnny Lightning forum received one of these Limited edition cars. Each car was registered as it was shipped. The registry consisted of a series of hard back binders with documentation for each car, starting with the initial e-mail contact and any subsequent communications regarding ownership change and such. Postal receipts for every car was retained and sorted by ship date. Additionally, all information is stored in a detailed spreadsheet which has been prepared to offer online here on this website.

Stats for the Hobbytalk.com Exclusive Shelby Daytona Coupe
How many made

1000 {see Notes 1}

Variations Yes {see Notes 2}
Packaging Carded blister pack
Numbered serialized chassis
Notes 1 Although there were 1000 cars ordered for the hobbytalk program, some cars were used in other programs.
Notes 2 Originally, 100 cars were to be shipped with no tampos, 90 to used for the 2005 holiday cars and 10 to be used as special giveaway cars. 6 cars were not delivered so 84 ended up being used as holiday cars and the remaining 10 were used as special giveaway cars, sold in charity auctions, and one used as the grand prize for the Gravity Race at LF 2005. One or two of the missing all white cars ended up on Ebay from a seller in China and were purchased by Bobby Williams to keep the rarity of the cars as it should be.




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